Whether it’s email rudeness, unprofessional dress, poor service attitude or ineffective communication skills, incivility at work directly impacts our self-esteem, our relationships, our health and our productivity. 

In a work-world where downsizing, recession, labour shortages, demographic and other issues are common, is it too much to expect people to mind their manners? Is there hope for common sense and civility at work? 

Bring along your toughest workplace civility issue and join Canada’s leading civility expert Lew Bayer to learn about behavourial accountability, the costs of rudeness, and strategies for increasing civility at work. 
Featured Workshop
Half Day Outline: Read more about our workshops:
  • Define civility
  • Assess the extent of incivility in their current workplace by complete the short form Organizational Civility Scale™ (mOCS)
  • Recognize barriers to civility
  • Understand the “business priority” and how it impacts civility at work
  • Choose from 25 keys to civility to create a sample workplace civility code
  • Identify toxic behaviours by assessing habits that can cost their reputation and the respect of others 
Full Day Outline:  Download Additional Workshops
  • Adopt strategies for addressing “in-character” and “inadvertent” incivility among co-workers
  • Learn how to repair toxic relationships and build an atmosphere of mutual respect that helps retention and productivity
  • Improve the balance of organizational conditions that facilitate or inhibit incivility
  • Discuss steps to creating and implementing a formal Civility Initiative in your workplace
Modern Guidelines for Civility at Work™
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